Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tom is (pt5) .. a boy

Boys love gadgets, so here's my list. If we ran out of food and income, I would choose to sell them off in reverse order (starting at 5!) Perhaps you'd like to order your own list in comments.

mobile office

1. iPod 20Gb (Feb 2004)
4thG classic. trusty companion through joy and sorrow - a true soundtrack to life
2. Nikon D50 and Canon A40 (Feb 2006 and Feb 2003)
18-55, 55-200 Nikkor lenses. The A40 awakened a passion for photgraphy that no-one knew was there and took us by surprise. The D50 takes all that and amplifies it to new levels as I pursue the ultimate shots.
3. Palm Tungsten E2 (Feb 2006)
together with it's friend the fold-out keyboard it becomes a truly portable extension to my mind. It lets me download information into it, and then kindly and gently reminds me to use that information at a later date.
4. Dell 8200 notebook (Feb 2003)
the most reliable performance we have ever had in a PC - a workhorse that's fab to use wireless around the apartment, church, hotel etc. but a bit chunky for true portability
5. Motorola cell phone of indestructible nature and unknown model number
I enjoyed our first 18 months in Canada cell-less, which was surprisingly wonderful. They're really helpful things, but almost removed from gadget status to appliance IMO

Frankly I'm awaiting the day of a true iPod, Palm, cell phone combo: affordable, reliable, longlasting, without compromise in any area - we're not far off I guess, but 3 units is still the way to go today.

Honourable mention in this list has to go to Claude the 100 yr old Bechstein upright piano, and George the 2003 Garrison acoustic guitar. Not gadgets per se, but essential life companions. They would never be sold for food, I'd rather die of hunger in musical heaven!
Tom is (pt6) .. ESTJ


Ed Marsh said...

Ok - here we go then...

I'm just going to mention 3 things...

1. Powerbook 12inch G4 1.5
Has changed the way we 'do' computers. With wireless internet and printing, we can truly do most things from the sofa. Very handy because we also manage all the church's emails as well as our own and do our best to maintain the church website, podcasts and blogs!

2. iPod Nano 2gB
Small, cool and easy to manage through itunes (once I get it back from Abby!) Especially use this for Podcasts - usually a way to get some much needed input by subscribing to loads of talks from local and distant churches.

3. Motorola v3 Razr mobile or 'cell' depending where you are when you're reading this!
Ultra cool and great for sending emails and posting photos on the move (geeky but great).

That's all the gadgets I'm currently allowed.

In the same vein as you, Tom... Special mention goes to my Takamine EN10c acoustic - now 9 years old but still great.

Tom - is the coffee mug in the photo also one of your top gadgets?

tommy : s said...

coffee mug not a gadget exactly, just an essential part of the mobile office

Colse Leung said...

OK, just to prove that I'm a geek too.

1. iBook 12 inch G4 1.25 ('pimped' it myself by adding 1GB ram, adding an internal Dual layer DVD burner and 100GB harddrive)

2. iPod shuffle ("Gym-Pod") - before you laugh (Gym - i know) I've managed to just collect more than one ipod for some reason. Small - less moving parts - if i drop it, okay

3. iPod 20GB, 4G ("Car-Pod") - My first iPod - couldn't bear to part with it

4. iPod 60GB: 5G, ("Colse-Pod") - General

5. Sony Ericsson K600i - My long standing phone/cell

6. Nokia N70 - work phone/cell

7. My big old Takamine Jumbo acoustic

8. Fender Telecaster - hmmm, nice

9. Boomtube speakers - rechargable portable speakers with a little bass unit. They click together to make one big tubey cylinder

10. M-audio Firewire 410 - cool little firewire box that plugs in to my iBook so I can record multiple tracks in Garageband.

Big shout to my acoustic though - its like a warm blanket and a close friend!!