Saturday, March 11, 2006

prologue - or is that pro-blog?

blogs can be (ab)used for so many purposes. Surely the most successful individual blog provides a window into the life and thoughts of an individual. A public diary .. yes .. but so much more. An output from the journey, the ramblings of the mind, and a chance to catch up in sopwithworld (tom flavour).

My hope, as you browse here, that you discover the same Tom as you would over beer or coffee and a couple of sweet hours. I have thoroughly appreciated sharing in the lives of significant friends via their blogs where distance and time have prevented the luxury of a closer communication. I hope you will echo that appreciation by dwelling here for a while.

To begin, I undertake a slightly bizarre multi-part self analysis by way of introduction and context setting. It also reminds me who I am .. the order is unimportant, except that part 1 is definitely first .. the rest of me certainly flows from there.

Tom is (pt1) .. a Christian
Tom is (pt2) .. a family man
Tom is (pt3) .. a youth pastor
Tom is (pt4) .. English
Tom is (pt5) .. a boy
Tom is (pt6) .. ESFJ


Anonymous said...

Your comment about discovering the same you over a coffee or beer. You drink?

tommy : s said...

actually the last alocohlic beverage I consumed was a delightful glass of cab sauv at Lake Louise, AB Youth Hostel on May 12th, 2003. So I don't drink, but I quite happily spend time with those that do.

My reasons for not drinking probably take a whole beer (or coffee!) to recount, they are neither obvious nor straightforward. perhaps a future post may tackle the subject?

Do I miss alcohol? not at all.

Anonymous said...

My last drink was 5 yrs ago. Long story on why I quit, but it is a deep convo as well, and would take longer than a "coffee" to cover! Do I miss it.......nah not at all. I think it is very cool to see people that have great influence over the young people of this generation abstaining from what may or may not be innocent pleasures. Yet again, a whole new topic.
I met Lawerance at conferance, and I think you have an incredible mentor in that man!

Colse Leung said...

Bizarrely enough - believe it or not a coffee is likey to do me more harm than a beer at the moment (caffiene, sugar & dairy intolerent!!)

Colse Leung said...
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Anonymous said...

Surely alcohol ruins many lives and may not be the best thing to partake in for someone who has influence on our youth, but as a 50 year old who has enjoyed responsible, limited consumation of alcohol my entire adult life (OK, I admit I partook a litle in high school), I am tired of alcohol getting the evil rap due to a minority of folks who are not responsible. The honest truth is an occasional martini before dinner or wine with dinner - or both - has made my life richer. I truly enjoy drinking cocktails among good friends in an adult setting. I cannot imagine giving up ordering a fine bottle of red wine at a special restaurant - I might as well stay home & roast hot dogs and drink cocacola. The dinner, in my mind, would be sub-par without the wine to compliment it. Folks, there is nothing wrong with booze. don't deprive yourself of one of lifes few pleasures. Besides, the bible does not forbid it and it is proiven to be good for your health in moderation. You know what they say...."Where there are four Catholics, you can always find a fifth" God Bless.

tommy : s said...

Jesus agrees with you, check out his first miracle, and his last supper!

My reasons for abstaining you'll be pleased to know are not religious, nor am I a recovering alcoholic. I used to run a hotel bar and work for a spirits and wines company, so you don't have to convince me of the delight of a decent martini or a bottle of red.

As with so many of God's good gifts to us, alcohol is not evil, even though the misuse of it leads us there. The same of course can be said of money, a topic preached on WAY more often by Jesus himself.