Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tom is (pt1) .. a Christian

If this fact does not fuel the remainder of my self-definition, this whole blog and my life, then perhaps it fails to be ‘fact’ and demotes to ‘wish’. Hence it has to be first in the series of “Tom is ..” and foundational.

It automatically sends my head spinning with potential reactions to the statement. You who read are all coming from an individual context, some Christians, some not, all with a distinct version of what a Christian is and isn’t. So perhaps I will not attempt to define further right now.

Belonging to a denomination? Born again? Fundamental? Liberal? Charismatic? Orthodox?

If you know me well, I hope that you know what “kind” of Christian I am, and who I am trying to become. As this blog continues, I’m sure the picture will build. If you really want to know more right now, the comments are there for you to probe further :)
Tom is (pt2) .. a family man

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