Friday, April 14, 2006

question of the day - Good Friday

So the phrase that jumped out to me was: "What shall I do .. with .. the King of the Jews?"

Pilate asked the question - but it started echoing in my head. Who else can ask this question? Think about each one: the Jews, the Romans, the people, the apostles, God the Father, Satan, Jesus himself, us, me. That debated question .. who put Jesus on the cross? All of the above, of course.

And several of these had choice about whether to let Jesus’ death go ahead – himself included. "What shall I do with the King of the Jews?" What would I have done if I was there? what do I do with the King of the Jews today? question of the day.

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MattCrossman said...

is what they did to him in manchester. It was actually very very good.

NT Wright tells a story of asking a room full of 11 year olds 'why did Jesus die' and each put one sentence answers on a card.

He received a split of theological answers (to save us, for our sins, so we could go to heaven) and historical ones (he annoyed the pharisees, he challenged the authority of the temple)

You have to piece the two together. its fascinating.

In literal historic truth as well as in theology, the one bore the sins of the many. What was the punishment for rebellious subjects of Rome? Crucifixion ...

tres interessant n'est pas