Friday, June 30, 2006

dysfunctional todo list and the Purpose Driven podcast

so .. if something doesn't go on the task list, it's S-O-O-O not going to happen. however if something does go on the list, there is no guarantee that it will ever get done.

anyone else have a todo list like this? seriously dysfunctional.

summer is a time to reflect, plan, envision, and work out just what is going on with my life? still totally answering that question, and probably would benefit from some carthartic blogging to help the process. in the meantime, i'm laughing quite a lot at doug fields and the crew on their podcast. the first one was disastrously bad, but they're a bit in the swing of it now, and it's showing me a lot about north american youth ministry .. just even by the way they chat inanely. don't totally go for the whole purpose driven youth thing, although there's some great elements to it for sure. but hearing them be normal puts it all in really good perspective.

if you're in north america and youth ministry you should definitely give it a go.

while on the subject of podcasts, they're my lifeblood right now (joel doesn't let me read much), so if you have any faith building recommendations, let me know. MOSAIC with erwin mcmanus is pretty cool, and of course HTB with my cousin archie, friend tim, and the unstoppable nicky gumbel. on a different level, thank God for the Tongcast, as dance music is sorely missing from Vancouver radio stations.

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