Monday, July 31, 2006

aussie visiting

Wow, we had a weekend of excellent visits. It feels like every waking hour of sunday was spent in conversation. Who should pop in on the way back home from St John, New Brunswick? Wayne, Sydney Anglican with mission on the heart and a big influence in the Australian end of that most historic of churches. Wayne and Meg, old friends and a vital part of our early Vancouver story (they were here to meet and greet on our first visit, and did lots to help our love affair with the city take shape!). Great to hang out, talk church and mission, and show him what we're doing round here. We enjoyed doing dinner with other aussie friends of Wayne's who have returned to the 'couv for some further Regent action. Kate and Jared live up the street with a 1yr old Enye .. we met in the park. Then to complete the visits, Steve, my cousin from Herefordshire is aiming for another week in this heavenly land. He dropped off some winter gear with us as he'll aim for the interior, (Fernie or Golden) once there's a promise of some white stuff. For now the mono-ski has little use for his summer work in Victoria.

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