Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Supernova - the story so far

OK, I'm now officially obsessed with Rockstar Supernova. So here's my personal order of remaining rockers based on 3 performances, and seeing a bit of "who they are" in the reality episodes, on the website and stuff. This is not a prediction of the competition results (apart from a very likely winner!), just the way I'm personally voting right now. If you've not watched it yet .. click, get up to speed and tune in!

1) Dilana Lukas Patrice Toby Storm
2) Magni Phil Jenny Ryan
3) Dana Jill Josh Zayra

You may wonder what a strange thing to do, post a list like this on a blog of limited readership and hardly any likeliehood of further discussion. Well, it's true to the original intentions of this blog, soI did it!


tommy : s said...

looks like we lost one from the midrange. jenny lost her chance. not right for the band in the end. i guess i was a bit biassed as she lives in the best city in all the world - vancouver BC

Willsop said...

I have absolutley no idea what you're talking about. Still love you tho