Friday, August 25, 2006

the week before i'm 37

trouble with liz turning 37 five months before me, is that i already have it in my mind i'm that old. so stop me from telling you i'm 38 on monday. them there numbers are quite high aren't they? not too bad until you get told by your wife that when your son enters the youth group you'll be 50!!! ooooh, now that's getting serious. thankfully i know some funky 50 year old youth pastors, and i will simply have to join that hall of fame.

it's been a rollercoaster of a week emotionally and stress-wise. big mixture of things, some of which unbloggable (there's a 21st century adjective for you). one of the things about standing up in front of a church and preaching is that you are likely to have a horrid time either before hand or after - if you don't know what i'm talking about, ask a pastor. this week it was after.

it's always a weird time of year as the whole person transitions from visionary musing and lesser pace, into the beginning of a hectic new school/church year. being a more natural "architect" than a "building project manager", it seems to kill me each year. when God drags me onto his page and gets my priorities in line, life looks incredible and exciting. when i stare in panic at the inbox, tasklist and calendar, and realise how much i have not yet entered into those things from the vague hopeful notions floating around the upper reaches of my mind, it can end up in these sort of questions .. "will the piano falling from the dangling rope crush me before the steamtrain hits me square in the face? or does the sniper in the bushes that i haven't even seen yet take me out before either?"

of course at the end of October, these questions become meaningless .. child number two arrives with all the associated sleep deprivation and life-altering mess. Prayer of the day ..."Please God, help" also .. "thank you God theat when i'm in the thick of all this life of teenagers and youth pastoring and stuff .. I absolutely LOVE it and wouldn't swap it for anything." bring it on :o)

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