Thursday, September 28, 2006

"flyboys" made me glow apparently

so, if someone sets out to make a totally authentic movie about WWI fighter pilots, I am likely to get very very very very very excited .. particularly if there's an Xbox game on the back of it.

Flyboys .. what a fabulous movie (in my world)

Marty and Timbo and I did the boys thing on sunday night, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I'm not sure everyone will, but my name's Sopwith, what do you expect me to do when fokker DR-1's are shot down in every manner possible, heroes do silly things, corny lines reign, and the guy gets the incredibly cute french girl! Timbo says "it's a bit over-sentimental". He was being kind, the sentiment and incredibly over-done storyline oozed like syrup with sugar and honey in it. It would almost be vulgar except that this was the era of the coolest people that ever lived, and it is pure smiley entertainment. Biggles antics, fabulous artwork and graphics to really bring the era alive. Some incredible flying sequences. Thank God the technology allows such fantasy to be properly realised.

Of course the whole movie was about americans flying french planes in a french squadron, which was entertaining, but as an englishman SO disappointing. There was only one mention of a Sopwith, and we never saw one flying .. PAH! Thank God they didn't actually end the movie by saying the americans won us the war .. that would have been the unforgiveable sin. The movie was at least based on much truth and realism, and was evidently a HUGE labour of love by the makers.

So I applaud all involved, will definitely watch it again, probably buy the DVD and hope not to get too disappointed by the PC game. If only some true brits will see all the technology and research developed for it, and secure some crazy budget for a real biggles adventure, i'm pretty much in heaven.

the unfortunate reality, the movie will not do well financially, and the single most wonderful era of aircraft combat will continue to be a specialism for the few fanatics. if I had several million dollars ... hmmm

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