Sunday, December 09, 2007

Youth Unlimited, Vancouver Area Director

Well, the next steps in a sopwithworld adventure are beginning to become real. After 4 years as youth pastor in Point Grey, the call of the city gets louder, and I jump into the world of Youth Unlimited (known to many as Youth for Christ). I'm grateful for the chance to transition slowly, and continue as youth pastor until June. But wow, here we go, I'm the Area Director for Vancouver (Eastside, Westside and Downtown). Eric in Richmond and Mark in North Vancouver will be neighbouring Area Directors, while Andy's the boss over the whole lower mainland region.

The call to work with youth in Vancouver is as strong as ever, and this will be the most fantastic base from which to realise the dreams that God's planted in my heart over the years. I love what these crazy christ-followers are doing, and are hoping to do. Building and developing discipleship communities of youth in every walk of life, every neighbourhood. Partnering with churches, community organisations, other missions organisations. It's the most natural step in the world, enlarging the vision that I already live for, across the city that I love so much: "encouraging young people to live amazing lives".

Liz is really excited, Joel loves the new hat which suits him better than me, Ollie is .. well unphased as usual. His response to the question tends to be aaarraghggg, da-da-da-da. Good lad :)

Plenty of challenge and uncertainty, as entrepreneurial as you can imagine. Loads of opportunities, and a need for staff and volunteers to back up the current team.

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