Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Youth Emphasis Sunday happened this past week at PGCC (acronym'd nicely to YES!).  I got the chance to lead worship with the youth band, preach a short bit on Galatians 5 (the fruits of the Spirit), and share a ton of stuff about our youth group.  We then all ate pancakes, lovingly cooked by the youth group to raise money for the famous Historymaker missions offering.

It was a great morning - perhaps a little too much of a Tom show, but I did include other voices where possible!  We have two services 9.30 and 11.11am, and they had incredibly different characters.

Really grateful to God for all that he did in and through us.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tom! wow cool , our church just had a youth Sunday as well! OUr teens get to lead worship and my husband preached too! haha!

Praise God for what He is stirring up among the youth!

Esther Leung