Friday, September 04, 2009

5 things for which I am an evangelist

evangelist - "bringer of good news"

If you find yourself in meaningful conversation with me anywhere, you are likely to hear me talk about one or many of these things. These are my top five areas of evangelism, and I see them all as truly good news!

There's a good book you should read about this one, I'll happily introduce you to it. There's also a massive population of people involved in the Jesus story, you should chat to them about their stories. Most of all, Jesus is alive and well and would love a chat. If you're reading this and feeling like he's a bit of a stranger, have a chat, you might get a nice surprise.

It's my job and my life, but also a passion. I've been working with teenagers ever since I was one. I love the culture, the language, the zeal for life, the challenges, the potential in each person, the foundational impact we can have on some amazing lives as we live alongside them.

Getting Things Done
This is a difficult one to encapsulate in a short blog post. Imagine a life where you have captured every thought or idea or thing you want to achieve. You organise them, feel like there is way too much to do and you are just way too busy.

OK that was easy to imagine.

Now imagine that at any point in the day you are doing exactly the right thing in that moment, and you know that everything else is just waiting for it's moment to be done or given away, or simply deleted because it really wasn't so important after all. Imagine any interruption to your life, no matter how much of a crisis, does NOT throw you into chaos. Everything can work out OK. And imagine you are able to be WAY more creative, because you're not sinking under piles of TODO lists. Your filing systems and inboxes actually work, your life is not a mess, and you spend almost all your time doing the things you actually want to do.

If you nail the GTD process (Getting Things Done), this is you. It's even quite fun to start and develop!

Switching to macbook was a very very very good decision. I love iPods. I love everything apple I touch (hehe). As you know, anyone who is in apple world tends to be an applevangelist. There is a reason for this people!

Almost every aspect of Google that develops (or is bought out by them!) gets me excited. With one major exception. Google apps, email, docs, calendars, blogger, picasa, youtube. It's a bit worrying that they are getting so into world domination, as competition keeps us all sharp. But, currently, love 'em, they're doing an awesome job.

PS the only truly perfect item on this list is Jesus, the others all have their issues! GTD probably comes a close second on the perfect scale ;)

No doubt some of you will aggressively disagree with my choices, or wonder at the inclusion or exclusion of various items. Feel welcome to comment! I can honestly say that I love each of these things very much, and when you hear me talk about them, it's from that love and passion, not from any sense of obligation, guilt or financial gain. So there you have it.

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