Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 current faux pas of Facebook behaviour

1) ... is tired or ... is busy
2) ... makes bland comment on the weather
              (except of course "It's SNOWING" - props to Calvin and Hobbes)
3) ... changes profile pic/status to the "fad of the week" (e.g. lookalikes or urban dictionary) and then leaves it there for WAY more than that week
4) scribbles "happy birthday" on a wall without ANY personalisation or creativity.
              (capital letters or !'s do not count as creativity)
5) ... you gotta see this or tiny.url, it's cool/funny/great, without ANY explanation of what disaster could be behind this anonymous link

Also it is probably not considered appropriate to complain about other people's status in a note .. oops .. sorry

define: faux pas

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John said...

I haven't noticed this things because I haven't used Facebook from some times. So, I'm not aware of this things.

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