Sunday, March 26, 2006

a weekend of church

Of course, every weekend is a "weekend of church" because church is a people (not a building), and we're totally part of the people. However this particular weekend was a weekend of church in a building with other church people!

Youth group was great on friday night, if a little small in number. The subject was yeast - excellent bread (thrown together by ...
cal and kai )
baked as we explored together, and consumed with honey at the end of the night. Explore the bible on the significance of yeast in every passage except Matt13, then read Matt13:33. Watching the faces was great, and gave us an idea of the reaction that Jesus would have seen. urrr, hang on .. isn't yeast all about ..?

Sat am, leadership day. Joining core of PGCC and UTown together for some story sharing and envisioning with much food (what lent fasting!?). pm hanging out with timmy a bit - timmy's ace. Sat night worship, prayer and general fun with a bunch of us. This morning, Jeff did a great job with flowing worship on topic, Pharisee and Tax collector brought alive by Lawrence, and some prophetic stuff around Psalm 40. A weekend of church doesn't always fill me with glee, but this was cool, and I feel grateful for the gift of a Monday day off - it ain't like that when you work mon-fri.

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