Tuesday, March 28, 2006

urban toddler training

liz forced to visit our fantastic (seriously, we mean this, she's so wonderful) dentist today. this gave joel and i 20 mins significant urban survival training. topics covered today:
1) sidewalk good .. road bad. dad always positions himself between joel and traffic.
2) walking better than running in urban environments unless on an organised marathon or fun run.
3) dogs, people and lamposts all good to be smiled at, but the lampposts aren't designed to smile back.
4) red lights, green lights, big orange hands, little walking white men, and electronic cuckoo sounds all provide vital clues to survival.
5) large stone staircases don't always have to be climbed up or down

patiently waiting for the crossing signal was fun as he seriously worked out he could stop traffic by pressing a button - "this is better than ejecting DVDs, I have real power!". total excitement as he watched traffic lights turn from red to green and all the cars moved again - just what dad said would happen. great job little guy!


Ed Marsh said...

Do you have smiling dogs over yonder?

Wouldn't mind seeing a photo of that!

tommy : s said...

smiling dog from one of Canada's more controversial and famous websites.