Monday, April 03, 2006

the universe of blog holes unearths a gem

now i only took up blogging again with the STRICT guidelines that I would not get sucked into the virtual blog hole. sadly i have just spent 3 solid hours on totally relevant, life giving, thought provoking, youth pastor bloggy stuff. but now it's midnight sunday, and sleep is vital in the current phase of life.

if you're a christian youth leader, then i dare you to click this link and come away before 3 hours are up. it's the vital questions of the day thrown around the globe. if you're not a youth leader, it will serve you very little, and you should find a more worthwhile activity.

so here's one vital little quote I share with you from in amongst all the comments and banter:

"We can’t deposit a faith that is timeless into kids but rather must help them know how to rediscover Jesus at each turn of their life."

if there are a bunch of teenagers who catch that, and i helped, i've been obedient.


Jeremy Postal said...

Thanks for the great link to backyard missionary! Good stuff in there...
Glad to see you in blogland! lol

hamo said...

these are challenging questions aren't they?

glad to be sharing the jouirney with someone else asking similar questions!

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

Some good stuff in there Tom. I didn't read it all but was challenged by what I did read. Maybe the problem lies in the segmentization of ministry in church. Maybe we should minister to the whole person and not just pigeon hole them into this stereotype. You will find yourself pastoring your "kids" long after they've left your youth ministry.