Monday, May 08, 2006

Historymaker 2006 - the buildup

This is Darcy, true friend, true Canadian, and true dreamer strutting his stuff 2 years ago.

This time of year is the most exciting and the most stressful, as we prepare for the long weekend in Kamloops at the end of the month for Historymaker 2006 : life. It's a cool time, and I'm really excited Mike P and Ben C (local boy coming home) will be there from Soul Survivor.

Yesterday we project managed a large fundraiser which nearly killed me and did kill Liz. It wasn't meant to be that way. But we raised a ton of money for some incredible missions stuff and helped some youth to get to the weekend. That was the aim, and it was awesome.

So 21 booked in this year - destination: gym floor for accomodation and ice rink for the main event. To see youth nailed by God in a life-changing way is always a joy - and we're praying this won't be an exception. 14 days and it will all be over as we arrive home exhausted and thoroughly happy!

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Jeremy Postal said...

YES!! Historymakers!
See you there...