Sunday, June 11, 2006

the panic of a month's absence

oh, help, no, help, hot sweats and panic .. that was never meant to happen .. it's june 11th. i refuse to apologise for blogging apostasy, as it causes irritation to the reader. instead some posts to help re-orientate, and re-energise. beginning with a list of "what rocked and what sucked" at Historymaker 2006 : life

- mike pilavachi's stand up comic routine with enough material for a term of youth meeting follow ups
- tree63 leading worship aswell as performing
- a song written by a room full of teenagers and sarah kelly
- the forging of a bloodstained cross by Josh Weidman
- DVDs of main sessions picked up within 30 mins of the final one!
- the team T-shirt

- Liz and Joel couldn't be there
- my first night's "sleep" on a gym floor. it was nearly non-existent
- the main events were too spacious - kamloops accomodation got booked way too early and a bunch of people couldn't get there
- this logo, was not on a t-shirt
- griffin's anvil didn't get to play again .. 2007 come on!
- I totally miss soul survivor
- daniel's straightened hair
- lack of group photos

- the weather
- cal and jordan
- borrowing 2 suburbans and a dodge caravan for luxurious transport
- gang loved mike p so much I had several requests to play it again .. so we did

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