Wednesday, August 30, 2006

supernova - 2 weeks and we'll know

just watching the rockstar supernova results show as i type. compared to last night everyone's a bit off tonight.

dilana's still the winner i reckon - she just simply out-rocks and out-performs the others, but i have to say all the remaining rockers are really really good, and we could totally imagine any of them fronting the band. last night's show was awesome. respect to ryan for treating a grand piano like a dukes of hazzard car to rock coldplay's clocks. not sure i'd have picked toby for the encore.

respect to magni for being the only one NOT in the bottom three.

Joel has danced like never before, including multiple sofa stage dives - both onto it and off it! He totally emulates Tommy Lee with air-drumming angst. thankfully he will not emulate mr lee in life .. we won't let it happen of course!!! if you've not watched the show, i'm sorry for you. it's been pure entertainment. although i should really release myself from the obsession and get on with real life. i'm not actually going to be a world famous rockstar, i have an even better life ahead of me ;)

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