Wednesday, August 30, 2006

vision, surrounded, furball, ice cream

a sublime experience to join with a team of young (mostly English) full-on soul'd out worshippers this morning and help pass on some wisdom about vision .. tell some of our incredible story, and join with the funky PAIS team as we work together in this amazing city. i loved it.

summer's weird as i get little chance to hang out with teenagers. it totally changes my whole life, so i can't wait to get going and be surrounded by them again .. it is after all pretty much the reason i live.

looking at the pic of dilana in my last post, it sums up some of what i'm going through. but when the perspective's good, and God's on my case, life is very very exciting, rather than an out of control furball. as part of my training this morning i was talking about the diffence between a blog and a journal. so: annoyingly for you, most of the incredible stuff going on today is journal stuff. but i sit here very tired, and in a GOOD place. the ice cream has helped.

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