Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a day in the life of a yoof pasta?

to be fair, not all days are like today. but it gives a window into the life of Tom, so read on.

6.30 awoke around the same time as Joel stumbled past ex-member of youth group asleep on the sofa who really needed a place to crash and really needs to get to the doctors, and really could do with some stability in life, and start making some great decisions - he starts school again today as a last attempt to try and finish gr12.
7.00 youth leader in our team and great friend and Joel's godfather, Ger, knocks on the door and joel and I join him to eat cinny buns, drink coffee and play on the swings. he's leaving for Australia in 2 weeks!
8.15 return home to say good morning to 7month pregnant Liz, and our new wonderful PAIS youth intern, Rosie, recently landed from England, on the way to her first day in the office.
9.30 Drop the boy at the doctors, go to Toys R Us for Joel's upcoming party, and Bestbuy for cheap bits to keep the computer in order
11.30 Joel sleeps, Liz visits chiropracter, I play lots of guitar .. yes :)
3.00 Joel wakes .. wow that was a long nap. lunch
3.30 playing in the park with a view of the ocean and the mountains
6.00 bedtime routines for Joel
7.30 food
8.00 can't resist a little youth group prep
9.00 rockstar supernova .. storm storms it, toby .. wow he might win it.
10.30 snoring, bit tired really

What a great day off, as term begins for the rest of the world.

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Jeremy Postal said...

Yes!! High five to these days! If we never record them it seems we always forget them....and these are the best days!!

Have another good one!