Monday, September 11, 2006

drugs wasps and the power of prayer

So Joel was stung by a wasp twice in 48 hours. Bad news .. it hurt. Good news .. we now know that Joel is not allergic to stings .. unlike Liz who is. Liz gave Joel some of his special drugs (painkiller disguised as fruit syrup, getting the response "nyum nyum"). Liz was having a bad day on many counts so indulged in some of her drugs - real English chocolate. She then says to Joel, "Daddy's getting his drugs later."
"Oh yeah" says I, "what's that then?".
"You're going to a prayer meeting."

How right she was. Tom and friends went to join 850 people from every tribe tongue and nation, many churches and traditions, joining to pray for our city and our nation. It was AWESOME, and if you'd seen me last night, you'd have thought I was on drugs for sure.

This morning I have a prayer hangover, after a terrible night's sleep, so resort to advil and fruit juice (translated to panadol for you Brits).

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