Sunday, October 08, 2006

update on youth stuff

i've just realised rosie writes great updates on what's going on with our youth group. always weird to see it from someone else's perspective, and really encouraging. rosie is awesome, and it's going to be fun watching some of her passion infect all our youth with an amazing relationship with Jesus. she read stories about true worship on friday and produced a video to help us grab what worshipping God is really all about. this is a year for good stuff in our group. it makes me realise how far we're getting when we get disappointed that it was a small group on friday, but there were 18 of us - 3 times as many as when i started here. we currently have a core group of 30 and many more on the fringes. but way way way way way more important than that, we are seeing lives change for the better as youth meet Jesus. yay! pray for us if you're reading this and have any idea who God is :o)


Ed Marsh said...

Great to hear things are growing and exciting! Looking forward to hearing of that core group of 60!

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

I'm officially petitioning to be moved from the "BC history makers" section of your links to the "the 'couv" section.

Am I not "'couv" enough to be in "the 'couv" section?? Or am I bigger than "the couv"? If so I humbly accept your compliment and will stay where I am..... but I'm NOT bigger than "the 'couv".

tommy : s said...

not bigger, but totally the "king of the couv". difficult to know whether to list you in geographical context or relational one. ideally both, but blogrolls have their limitations.

you are now definitely couv, and next in line only to son and intern ;o)