Saturday, November 04, 2006

he is here

To quote Andrea Laing, I've gone from "being a parent" to "having a family". Two boys, two years separating them, the adventure continually unfolds.

Oliver is here (Thomas Oliver Matthew Sopwith), 9lb, Nov 3, 2006, 00.55. Adorable, incredibly good looking, and so far bringing us much joy and a bonus ration of sleep. This is where all you parents pipe up with "that won't last". Yeah, we know, but that doesn't stop us revelling in it so far. Time for a wonderful week of family time and nothing else .. yeah :o)

here's the oliver blog


darian said...

hilarious...i posted on joel's blog...oops.
welp here's your blog...posting again, case joel doesn't share with you in his latest post.
much love to you exciting...
darian and liz

Rob Petkau said...

Enjoy the moment... get sleep wherever you can find it!