Sunday, February 03, 2008

youth night: justice in the story of God

I enjoyed our youth night on Friday. We're exploring God's heart for justice this term, and a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed giving ice cream treats to the youth at the local community centre and clothing, sleeping bags and backpacks to some homeless friends. This week was a chance to understand the perspective of why we do things like that.

We built two lines of chairs diagonally across the room to signify a timeline, split into groups based on the "6 acts" of the story of God (creation, fall, Israel, Jesus, Church, eternity). Each of our groups had 15mins to prepare a way of demonstrating how God expressed justice in each of those acts. I think it worked well, and we saw the consistency of God's heart for fairness, righteousness and equality .. justice.

There are probably plenty of people that do not see God as a God of justice, nor see his people as particularly expert at expressing it. I hope this night helped us to express the overall picture of the heart of God, because he doesn't change, his heart has always been and will always be for justice.

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