Sunday, February 17, 2008

The juggling act

Nice to be back on my feet after being knocked back by a cold for over a week. Energy levels return, along with the sunshine - yay. I sit typing on the deck, watching Joel eat an icecream .. February? Really? Riding in the mountains must be amazing today with continued good snow and clear weather. Looking forward to the boys being a bit bigger so we can enjoy the mountains together. We may hit the beach once Ollie's awake.

Life is a complicated balance of 5 things: youth pastoring at PGCC, raising support for the new job with Youth Unlimited while trying not to start doing too much of the work before the money's in place, supporting computer systems in each organisation, and spending teh right time with the beautiful family and doing home stuff. This list is not written in any order of priority, they're all important! I have to say the juggling and boundary setting and scheduling probably constitutes it's own category of life-living to make 6! I'm grateful for wonderful people around me in all aspects of life, and when it works it works. When the balance is not there .. yuk .. not so good.

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