Sunday, February 17, 2008

Uniting and the mission field

With a hint of irony, I was initially set to be involved in 3 separate youth events in Vancouver entitled "Unite" in the month of February. All three events brought church youth groups together, so I love that. It is definitely a season of "local uniting" of a few groups at a time. Then sometimes it's great to be involved in the big stuff where we ALL come together (e.g. onelife historymaker).

Last week saw our youth group join with University Chapel and Tenth Ave Alliance for a uniting fun time with music, food and games - great times. This last Friday was also great with three other churches (Bethel, Vancouver Chinese Pentecostal and Harvest City). More of a worship and teaching focus, but also the joy of having to watch 5 of us on stage dance along to this. Yes thanks Rosie for winning human bingo and giving us that opportunity! I really enjoyed speaking on "God is speaking, what can you hear?" Great bunch of youth, leader friends, and new people to meet.

Then yesterday morning I hung out with some of my heroes: some Christian youth who run clubs in their schools - some of them are doing some amazing things around prayer, being Jesus, and influencing their communities and the world. Graham and Heather cooked up a fabulous breakfast and we had a rich time of sharing stories.

It's been a good few days. But I should stop typing and prepare to hit the beach to add another wonderful flavour to the weekend.

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