Saturday, March 01, 2008

scary moment, but all is well

Returning home from a sun-drenched lunch with good friend John, he spotted something in the grass to the side of the path and went "oh" in a kind of "how curious?" manner. Tom took one look, his face whitened slightly as the blood rushed away, a barely audible gasp, and he visibly jumped slightly backwards as his heart raced with fear-prompted adrenaline.

The source of the shock was a 3inch soft beanie tiger which had been sadly discarded from a passing toddler's stroller.

John laughed .. quite a lot .. Tom was relieved that the creature was not actually alive. His explanation was that at first glance all he saw was orange and black stripes that could have so easily belonged to a bee or wasp. Wouldn't you flinch at a 3inch wasp?

Yeah right :->

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