Tuesday, April 08, 2008

big youth events

Some well-minded Christians in the church subculture have told me that 'big events don't work'. Well, as sweeping generalisations go, this is not the worst I've heard, but it's not a particularly helpful statement.

If one's entire Christian life was defined by one's attendance at big events, you'd be right, they don't work.

For youth, the visible expression of a crowd, and the certain knowledge of being part of something bigger is vital. You mean there are another 2,000 people in my neighbourhood that are nuts enough to call Jesus Lord? Yes, there are. And when we do gather together to worship him, crushing so many aspects of an individualist, consumer, passion-driven culture; and when we do hear stories of what other youth are doing to see Christ re-presented in their school; and when we do pray for God's kingdom to come and his will to be done, AND we are prepared to be part of the answer to that prayer; and when we do allow someone to speak into our lives and propel us into the mission that God has for each one of us; and when we do pray for each other and commission each other to live amazing lives ...

... well THAT, in my not so humbly expressed opinion, is well worth it.

So that's why we sacrifice a ton of energy and time to pull together 2,000 youth from across the metro vancouver area and beyond, from every different style of church, from many many high schools, from tons of different face colours and ethnicities, pulled in via several youth organisations that operate under the banner of love that God flies above us. That is why we gave up a Monday night to pray for this stuff. And that is why we will meet on April 18 in Glad Tidings Church to make a lot of noise, and to be catapulted out of the doors into a Christ-centred life that is SO worth living.

If big events are all there is, then we're in trouble. If they help all of us walk the walk that John loves to describe (2 John 1:4-6) alongside smaller groups of mission-practicing Christ followers, and it connects us together more and more, then they TOTALLY work.

If you're in the hood, join in:

And there's more gathering opportunity coming up at www.historymaker.ca

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Andrew said...

i think i might be one of those suspected of dissing big youth events .. but am totally with you on this one Tom. big youth events - when well prayed through and intelligently organised!! - are vital partners with smaller things. there's a certain, rather big worship gathering that John writes about in Revelation 5 ... i hope the event on the 18th was a glimpse of what's to come