Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the birds and the bees for a three year old

investigating the underneath of rock in the back yard: the damp dirt reveals the expected combination of ants and wood louse.

dad: "there's a worm with lots of little worms"
joel: "that's what worms do"

dad couldn't argue with that and made a mental note to check up on how hermaphrodites reproduce.

is this the precursor to the birds and the bees?

joel then watches "the magic school bus" and is treated with an amazingly detailed and visual account of how a hen lays an egg with full internal pictures of the process. they hinted at the rooster's part in the operation, if you want your egg to produce a chick, not just an omelette. but they declined to show this process.

i guess we're lining up for an investigation of a beehive sometime this summer, and then by grade one he'll be all set for his first sex ed class at the age of 5 .. which really does happen by the way.

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