Sunday, March 30, 2008

the energy of a complicated life

It was always to be a challenge: dividing my time and energy into 5 major areas each week.
1) A husband of an amazing girl and father of a couple of energetic young toddlers
2) "half-time" youth pastor for Point Grey Community Church and UTown church
3) "half-time" raising support to be the Youth Unlimited Area Director for Vancouver
4) fixing computers for the church
5) fixing computers for YU
Each waking hour of each day is spent on one of those things.

So far we have all survived in tact. My boundary setting has been way better than I thought I could manage, I have stuck to certain hours rigidly, I have generally observed a sabbath each week (Thursday-ish), I have spent quality time with family, I am still breathing, I have seen success in each area of life.

Are there a ton of things I wish I'd done better? Have I said no to several things that would have been great to do? Have I neglected some key elements and relationships? Of course. Could I have done any better in this stage of life? Hmmm.

The thing I now realise after 3 months of this, is just how much energy and time is taken in making this work. Boundary setting, careful planning, timely communication, arrangement of meetings in an almost impossible schedule .. it all takes tons of energy, and time. But if I don't put in the effort up front, I'll burn out into a heap of smouldering ash before too long.

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