Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A big heavy baby with 88 keys

I finally get to own my first North American keyboard (a musical one that is) .. a trusty second hand Kurzweil PC2x. For those that know my previous keyboard from Bristol, you will not be surprised at the choice. I'm excitedly awaiting delivery any day now, and will hope to get some creative moments with it if Joel and Ollie will grant me that luxury. Music is something that has always been a passion, but I'm feeling really stirred in that world right now. A big part of what we do with Youth Unlimited will be around music and youth, so I'm excited to get back into it. I'm catching up on 20 years of music technology as I consider how to spend as little money as possible to connect instruments and mics to my beautiful macbook. We have come a long way from my DX7, Atari ST and 4track portastudio when I was a student that's for sure.

OK enough many of you have glazed eyes or have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. But blogs are about connecting with people, and this is a big part of me right now!


Ed Marsh said...

Are you going to get a case that weighs more than a truck, like last time?!

Great to hear the news. I find it quite hard to imagine that you haven't had one all this time!

MattCrossman said...

Repent O sopwith, and go the way of the Korg