Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the summer of 2008

How grateful we are to be able to enjoy some summer for the first time since 2003 (house moving and renovations, and baby creation have made a serious impact on the last 5 summers). In contrast to the misery of two posts ago, I can bring you a much more cheerful, sunny report of a good July. The weather has been spectacular, the deck and back yard have been enjoyed with BBQ, friends and family visiting, slip and slides, paddling pools, bocce, and of course hockey and football (both types!). The beaches have been home for many days, and we are so fortunate to live in a piece of heaven.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to slow down a bit in between jobs, as I continue to build towards Youth Unlimited work full time from September. It has been a slow ramp up since January, but we feel excited and inspired with the preparations, and the plans are unfolding well. More on that soon. If you're feeling out of touch, fire me an email, and I'll make sure you get some letter updates from us.

We managed a few days on the Sunshine Coast with my Mum and Dad including some good beach and garden play, plenty of wildlife including a bear with 4 cubs, and a chance to simply be together. We're building towards our first genuine Canadian summer camp experience at Pioneer Pacific next month. We're going as a family which could be interesting. Loads of fun for sure, and hopefully not too crazy hard work .. we'll see. We would really really love to be at Soul Survivor, and miss those guys terribly. Hopefully one day soon with older kids, and miraculously cheaper air fares!

For those of you that are not getting to enjoy the beauty of summer quite as much us, our heart goes out to you .. really it does. But I have to say I sit here and feel like our summer has been well earned and a very very necessary change in pace. Thank you God for this gift, we will use it well!

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