Thursday, September 11, 2008

my best facebook moment ever

On Monday, I read the status of our friend Sally who is a cool chick that works all over the world helping desperate people out in disaster areas with Tear Fund. We know her from Bristol. Her status said she was in Capetown. So, being a good friend, I mentioned that we have another good friend in Capetown if she needs some local tips. Sally's one of those girls who could be in any country on any continent at any time really.

So then Sally replies on facebook to say .. that friend wouldn't happen to be called Andrew would he? I've not met him, but I'm just about to meet him tomorrow to go on a big motorbike trip up to Namibia to meet a mutual friend of ours, Graham.

The reason why they are doing this is that Graham has finally reached the point where he can complete the big adventure of a 27,000km bike trip from Vancouver to Capetown. Yes, you did read that correctly. Andrew and Graham did this trip last year, but Graham cracked his collarbone around Nairobi. He's now in a place to complete the trip. YAY go Graham.

Point of this post, facebook has made the world a ridiculously small world.

The weird thing is that Andrew and Sally could have probably made this whole trip without ever realising they had mutual friends in Liz and I, that's weird. Facebook was made for moments like this.

If you want to read about one of the coolest adventures you can have on a motorbike, go to and read and watch more. It's very very cool.

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