Saturday, October 18, 2008

nice like batman ..

It was a difficult evening, and important that Joel and I prayed together as he lay down to go to sleep.  Here was his prayer, which brought me to tears.

Dear God, please help Dad and me to be nice to each other, so that everyone else can be nice to each other too, like Batman and Spiderman.  Amen.

Kinda cute, kinda funny, and as you can tell, born out of some "not being very nice to each other".  But I love the stuff that God smiles at in this.  If we live well together, including having a good time of restoration of our relationship before we sleep, and "not letting the sun go down on our anger", and if other people see us living well together, then they will live well together too. 

Joel will soon be 4, and I continue to pray that he and I will be "good news" alongside each other, and keep exercising that rather important "good news" practice of loving our neighbour.  I pray that others will see it, and wonder at it, and want to follow our example as we follow someone else's example: Batman, Spiderman .. or perhaps Jesus'.

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