Monday, December 08, 2008

what's the difference between a small child and a large corporation?

On the face of it, small children and large corporations are opposites in today's world. One is defined by innocence, curiosity, vulnerability, a small voice in a complicated world. The other is a man-made giant machine that tries to define itself by good values of "customer service", "global improvement", "choice" .. but despite good intentions is always driven by an unhealthy worship of money, and is anything but a quiet voice.

I have spent time in my life working for small children and working for large corporations. I believe in and support each of them, but am often at the mercy of both.

How is is that both small children and large corporations have an equal and well-developed ability to make my blood boil with anger? This morning I exploded into shouting and rather ungodly language thanks to the efforts of each.

Peace, joy and goodwill to all men ...

... forgive me.

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