Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

awoken (7.15)
yule log alight
mary and joseph made it to the stable after a long trek
Jesus joins them in the stable by the tree

first cup of tea
presents by the fire (toys, toys, toys)
toboggan adventure at the park

second cup of tea
snow shovelling in preparation for the big trip for dinner (a whole 20 blocks!)

pics from tom's album: Christmas 2008

play with toys, open more presents
drive towards ian, tracy and judah's house
car stuck with spinning wheels
car rescued by skillful driving and passing help

boys play, good friends good times - ian, tracy, tim, lissa, tom, liz, erin
much dinner with "two kinds of meat"
plum pudding by tim
drive home with only some skidding
car now immobile until thaw!
igloo roof collapsed

third cup of tea
carols from kings
the queen's christmas message

what a wonderfully happy christmas day
we hope and pray you had a great one

congratulations to henry and diane stevens on their little unnamed baby girl born today. top that as a christmas gift.

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